Cold forming is a unique process that has expanded quickly and substantially throughout the market. Thanks to the tooling department, the company is able to keep a number of moulds loaned to it in-house, with ordinary/emergency maintenance work covered to ensure that the manufacturing equipment we use is reliable and that our customers do not incur extra costs. We currently have more than a thousand customer moulds in stock in our warehouse, used to form finished and semi-finished products. Parts provided are either raw, treated (heated, galvanised and painted), or assembled using various techniques. Results achieved in this area clearly demonstrate that BMI is a reliable partner committed to satisfying the various needs of its customers, using, among other things, the most modern equipment available on the market: presses ranging from 60 to 350 Ton, robots used to process pipes, welding machines and assembly lines. We are also able to provide laser-cut and wire-cut products. Thickness generally ranges between 0.25 and 6 mm when processed. All production is planned using software tools that allow you to monitor and control each stage of an order.

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